Now we are down to the nitty gritty part where it all happens. Allow a period of three months but expect anything from one to six sensibly. Whatever is not achieved in this time will happen gradually in a maintenance program, which we will discuss later.
Implementation of the diet changes should follow a little research where you will identify foods which are left on your list that you can enjoy. We have a number of recipe books coming out which give specific highly nutritional foods which also reduce weight and the chances of getting cancer and heart disease. So the rest of the family will benefit as well. You will notice that the old favorite piece of steak with vegetables or salad is still on the list. porridge for breakfast with raw honey and almond milk. salad for lunch is important as the raw greens help in the detoxification of heavy metals.
So when you start a week or two can pass then a massage treatment or chiropractic adjustment to the neck and upper spine. Or even both. Another two weeks and a foot massage treatment and reiki treatment. One hour each one day apart. then continue this pattern for another month.
Keep eating healthy foods and if you have joined the membership program put in a progress report. Avoid all highly processed foods such as potato chips, biscuits instant meals, piZZas and try to achieve a level of 60% raw food. The higher the percentage of raw food the faster the reversal will happen.
With the current news that autism has been selected in the list of symptoms of thyroid disease or thyroid malfunctions, the whole picture can change along with the restoration of confidence in natural cures>