Autism reared its ugly head over 50 odd years ago and has started to become an epidemic. It should not really be separated from ADD, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome. Early forms of Schizophrenia and even Down Syndrome and Epilepsy in the research as they seem to be close in their causal factors, symptoms spectrums and research parameters.Trying to fit children into rigid diagnostic boundaries is time consuming and frustrating and even more so when all the tests are done and the results are almost useless as the medical profession do not have a next step anyway except for try this type management drugs.
We opened this website after positive natural health results emerged with Autism, Multiple Sclerosis and even Down Syndrome amongst others. Results which were enough to show the diseases and associated conditions could be reversed with a degree of effort and some favorable conditions..
The reversal is time consuming and the result levels are variable however there is no real treatment from the medical profession which works effectively except for sedation. In the long term that is going nowhere except backwards because the medications have side effects amongst which is the blocking of certain natural nutrients which are required to restore health. Our first aim on this site is therefore to let people know that results can be achieved and then to publish methods as study information free of charge. The stories are coming in gradually and we, as a group have collected all the diseases listed above and bundled them into the thyroid category. It might sound a little callous but the fact is we have found the thyroid to be reasonably easy to lift as a functional part of body healing. It is now widely known to be associated with depression even in medical circles. It is further connected to a list of 300 or more diseases which are sometimes now viewed as symptoms of thyroid malfunction. Contained in this lot are most skin diseases, most basic mental problems including anxiety, mood swings and depression. Autism has been included in the group as some medical groups have achieved a degree of success treating autism concurrently with the thyroid and using nutrition to a larger extent because of the long term harm caused by the medications.
So we will continue in the role of collecting, testing and assessing medical and natural health information. We then publish this for free in our websites and provide memberships. We then run a mentoring membership which helps families get through the reversal program. The program is obviously derived from the study of the available research where logical conclusions are evident. The mentoring membership does have a small fee which covers cost of trained professionals advice in the progress of the reversal. We plan to set up a call centre for the natural health industry as soon as conditions permit.
It must be noted that the program of reversal is demanding but inexpensive. It partly involves elimination of foods which are known to cause inflammation. increasing foods which are helpful in detoxification of heavy metals and known for high nutritional values especially and then some professional treatments, which can be obtained locally. We are also training thyroid health coaches and two have already completed their courses and now helping sufferers in the United States. They are not doctors but can work in situations with the assistance of a doctor or a naturopath as the patient prefers. We have another in training now and are open to applications. The trained coaches are known as thyroid health coaches!